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CEO & Principal Message

The music teaching industry and Early Childhood Education are changing and growing rapidly across the world. Gone are the days when music teachers were run-of-the-mill university graduates who teach the playing of instruments but offer little in terms of music education and performance. Most were one-dimensional instrument coaches lacking entrepreneurial and practical soft skills that are requisites of career expansion.

Since Canadian researches found and published the first evidence that children aged 4-6 who received music education performed better in memory tests that were co-related with general intelligence skills such as literacy, verbal memory, visiospatial processing, the mathematics and IQ, the perception about music education and early childhood education have shifted, and along with this came the demand for wholesomely trained music teachers.

Since its establishment in 2008, the Malaysia Music Teachers Training College has packaged the teaching of soft skills with the Suzuki Method and produced several batches of competent teachers. These programmes will be enhanced and strengthened in MMTC through collaboration with, among others, Yewon Arts University, Korea. MMTC is the first institution in Malaysia to have a twinning programme with Yewon. Whilst twinning with western universities in the norm since the twinning concept took root in Malaysia decades ago, MMTC's tie-up with Yewon reflects its belief in the tried and tested eastern education approaches. ​

We are committed to providing our students with an outstanding learning environment through our suburban campus, experienced professors, mentors and counselors. Our ground-breaking approach will prepare our students to pursue career paths in higher music qualification and/or music entrepreneurship. ​

At MMTC, we are passionate about the future generation's development. We want to mould them into wholesome individuals with character, who are market-relevant, and be builders of better societies.


CEO & Principal