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Executive Vice President

Creative Arts Industry as an innovative engine of growth and vehicle for structural transformation

There is a common perception that anything that is being commercialized will lost its authenticity and cultural identity. It will not lose its authenticity and cultural identity with a systematic educational programme to the new generation. We are fabricating a whole new innovative community through Early Childhood Education with Creative Arts Curriculum.

In the creative sector, it is not just a commercial arena. It represented our national identity where ethical values, creative and critical thinking, as well as entrepreneurship are enacted. Our corporate philosophy “Character First, Ability Second” empowers all of us including MMTC students to practice the fundamental needs of living as a community. They also shape the society through the ways in which they represent these habits in communication, engagement, music, pictorial, experiences and even products.

Global market demand for creative content has risen steadily over the last decade. In economic terms, the creative industries are among the fastest growing sectors of the world economy despite the downturn in the global economy.

Investing in the creative arts industries are vital in the structural transformation of a new generation to enlarge the creative economy, on the other hand, fabricating and bolstering our cultural identity through music and arts starting from children.

Executive Vice President
Dr. Janet Lee