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Moving away from home to study abroad is an exciting period of time in a student's life. Meeting new friends, exploring and discovering new places, adapting to new cultures and customs, enriching multicultural diversity are all new exciting realities that students will experience.

Much of the city’s vibrant cultural scene is free or inexpensive. Travelling within the city can be done through cycling as from one place to another is collectively near. Students can also take advantage of special discounts offered by many of the capital’s shops and flee market.

The table below shows an estimated amount of a student's monthly living expenses. The amount may only serve as a reference to gauge potential monthly expenses.

Category Monthly Expenses (RM)
Food 400.00
Accommodation 300.00
Transport 50.00
Entertainment 100.00
Books & Utilities 150.00
Misc 100.00
TOTAL 1,100.00 (330.00USD)