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Loh Kwong Jack

Name: Loh Kwong Jack
Age: 17
From: Johor Bahru

Before enrolling in MMTC, I was a hot-tempered and impatient person. I have since learnt to be more patient and communicate better with others. I’ve also learnt how to do things effectively by doing them step by step with patience. I’m so blessed to have my dear lecturers to guide me throughout this journey in my life.

Aaron Chew Wei Xiang

Name: Aaron Chew Wei Xiang
Age: 19
From: Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

The moment I stepped foot here, the environment in MMTC has already assured me of a bright future.


Rixx Sabbas

Name: Rixx Sabbas
Age: 24
From: Kota Kinabalu

After graduating from Cosmopoint College, I felt rather aimless. I later found a job but I did not enjoy it very much, so I decided to further my studies.


Grace Wong Eu Yen

Name: Grace Wong Eu Yen
Age: 35
From: Kota Kinabalu

My favorite instrument is the piano and I love listening to sentimental music. Before I enrolled in MMTC, I didn’t know how to play the violin and I used to be a very shy person. I used to have no confidence in everything that I do. Guess what? I’ve transformed into a new person when I joined MMTC! I have made new friends of different ages and I managed to find myself again. Here I am now!