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Jude Byzantine

Name: Jude Byzantine
Age: 21
From: Kota Belud

Despite our differences, we all have a common ground that connects us all to each other which is being human.


Jacklyn Soong Tze Farn


Name: Jacklyn Soong Tze Farn
Age: 22
From: Sandakan

The decisions we make in life determines our destiny. It was because of my decision to choose MMTC and allow their teachers to steer me towards my desired path that took me to where I am now. I have improved beyond my wildest dreams. MMTC is capable of elevating a person to a level that is not only high in the music industry, but also honourable in other areas of life. Through my enrolment as a student at MMTC, I now have the confidence to teach people. I feel truly blessed.

Jerome Raphael Sipijol

Name: Jerome Raphael Sipijol
Age: 22
From: Kota Kinabalu

Emulating the best! That's what I continuously do at MMTC. I emulate the practices of those who are better than me. We don't only learn about music at MMTC, we learn about other things that are beneficial to us in all areas of life.

Prior to enrolling at MMTC, I had problems controlling my temper, but now, I am more patient and positive. Spending my time at MMTC has truly transformed my mindset. I believe that when we try to look for the good in every situation, our lives will become good.

I believe I am at the right place to pursue my dreams.

Loh Sthin Fung

Name: Loh Sthin Fung
Age: 21
From: Keningau

It was my dream to experience an orchestra environment. Now it is a reality, thanks to MMTC. The positive transformations I've been encountering the past few months has made my parents and I very proud.

I continue to benefit immensely through my interactions with various professors from all over the world.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Begin your first step in the music industry at MMTC. You won't regret it!