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Nur Ireka

Name: Nur Ireka
Age: 18
From: Johor Bharu

I used to be a very shy person and I’ve always avoided crowds, as they made me feel uneasy. Thankfully, in MMTC, I’ve made friends who inspire me to come out of my shell and be more confident when dealing with others. Although I’m still a shy for the most part, I now have courage! MMTC is the place where I can learn music using the Suzuki method; it makes understanding music a lot easier for me. While I’m still learning to be better, I’m encouraged by the motto “Character First, Ability Second” that MMTC adopts.

Farah Farhana Petol

Name: Farah Farhana Petol
Age: 18
From: Penampang, Sabah

I thought playing the piano is my only future. I was wrong. With the support of my family, I am encouraged to continue my study in MMTC to play music and become an educator. MMTC is a place where not only did learn about music, but also about education. I can see my future shining bright in MMTC. There’s no doubt that MMTC guarantees a great future.

Mary Mercy Vincent

Name: Mary Mercy Vincent
Age: 18
From: Penampang, Sabah

I was a slave to my own lack of self-esteem. I’ve always wanted to praise other people and give positive comments but I was always hindered by the fact that I didn’t have the confidence to do so.


Eileen Ng Oi Ling

Name: Eileen Ng Oi Ling
Age: 21
From: Lahad Datu, Sabah

Communication is crucial. To be able to tell others what’s on your mind without being defensive is a very important skill.